Comparison of crushing operations in the crushing operation of a large coarse broken, so broken loose of its larger volume have increased. To prevent the crushing chamber may give rise to obstruction, without increasing nesting population to ensure that the necessary premise of size marker to be broken by increasing the diameter of the bottom cone to increase the total cross section marker. Cone Crusher nesting population smaller, mixed with a compound of the non-broken things easier cause of the accident, and because, the crushing operation on the marker size demanding to be adjusted in the liner wear in time after the nesting population, which tapered Crusher insurance and adjusting device is more necessary than the primary crushing operations.

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Cone crusher overload the insurance, the conical shell to force the compression spring to increase their own in order to increase the nesting population, and expel non-broken material. Nesting population set to be adjusted by adjusting, turn the adjustment sleeve solid shell can be filled with the help of the cylindrical shell on the thread to bring up or down to change the nesting population size. Hydraulic Cone Crusher way of insurance and adjustment of the same Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher. Roll crusher is to use the friction of the roll surface to bite into the broken areas of materials, so bear squeeze or split and broken machinery. When broken or needs to be increased for coarse crushing ratio, often made in the roll surface of the teeth or grooves to increase the splitting effect. Roll crusher is usually divided by the number of roller single roll, double roll and multi-roller crusher, suitable for primary crushing, breaking or crushing of coal, limestone, cement clinker and stone in the long and soft materials.

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Hammer crusher is to use high-speed impact hammer effect on the material for the broken and broken mechanical crushing operations. Articulated high-speed rotating hammer rotor, the lower body with grate bars to control the size marker. First of all the materials into the crusher by the high-speed movement of the hammer impact and the initial break, and also get the kinetic energy, high-speed flying broken plate on the casing wall being broken again. Smaller than the gap of the material grate bars are from outside, is larger than expected gap grate bars in the grate bars on the block again, the impact and grinding by the hammer, until the gap is less than grate bars after being discharged.

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